Privacy Policy

Data Protection and Confidentiality Policies

Data Holder:
Hotel Pironi - Concord srl
Via Marconi 35
28822 Cannobio

Data Processing Manager:
Hotel Pironi - Concord srl
Via Marconi 35
28822 Cannobio

Data Collation and Objectives
The information acquired throughout the booking or as part of the request for availability is limited to that which is strictly necessary to correctly advise Hotel Pironi and the personnel in charge, being the data relating to the personal details of the person making the booking and any information for the management of the reservation guaranteed as per that displayed on the form.
The data collected is used exclusively to provide the booking service, for the realization of accommodation offers upon availability as per the request, and for statistical purposes within the accommodation facility. In the specific case whereby the user has explicitly requested the optional registration to receive the newsletter, the structure will be authorized to send any promotional newsletters, the sending of which the user can request to be blocked at any time, along with the removal of the email address.
The data acquired is: name, surname, address, email, telephone number, occupants, period of stay and any additional information of use in managing the regular booking process within the structure and whereby the data necessary to complete the registration is explicitly requested. 
For security purposes, the IP address of the device utilized by the user and the time spent viewing the pages are also collected.

Storage, Access, Modification and Deletion of Data
At any point in time, the user has the right to request information from Hotel Pironi regarding what data has been stored and can also request its modification or complete cancellation. This activity must be completed by the structure within 30 days from receipt of the communication. The request can be made by contacting us here: . Data will be stored for a maximum of 10 years

Links to Other Websites
This website may contain links to external sites. Hotel Pironi is not responsible for the Privacy Policy applied on these online platforms and the user is advised to consult the information provided by the relative third parties.

Other Communications
Hotel Pironi will not communicate the data received to any other commercial organization without the explicit consent of the end user. If any communication of data from administrative bodies, judicial authorities or government agencies is requested, we will always operate in compliance with the laws in force.

Breach Notification
Data protection is a primary concern for us. We are constantly committed to investing in its safeguarding. In the event of system violation and data theft, it will be our duty to notify the persons involved within 30 days, whilst implementing all necessary countermeasures.

Changes to This Policy
Except for the limits of applicable laws, we reserve the right to update this Policy to make changes to our data processing procedures known, giving notice of any update in a clear manner on this web application and, as required, obtaining the consent of the user. Each update will become effective immediately after publishing the updates to this Policy and will apply to all user data collected or, when requested, subject to the consent of the user. The latter agrees to periodically review this information. If any changes are made, we will change the “Last Update” date shown at the top. The user is free to decide whether or not to accept the modified version of this Policy. However, the user is required to accept such in its modified form to continue using our online booking service. If the user does not adhere to the new terms or any modified version of this Policy, the only available option would be to terminate the use of our service. If any changes to this Policy are made that materially impact upon the user’s data that has already been collected, we would be required to obtain the prior express consent of the user.